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Skin is primarily divided into the epidermis and dermis. New skin cells form in the stratum basal layer (the layer at the base of the epidermis) which slowly move upward to the skin surface and finally exfoliate. The outermost layer of the epidermis, stratum corneum, is a row of dead cells that acts like a roof for the skin's inner layers and its exfoliation cycle is 28 days. If this exfoliation cycle is less than 28 days, then ski becomes thinner than normal skin, causing it to become sensitive and easily prone to irritation. On the other hand, if your skin's exfoliation cycle is more than 28 days, then skin structure becomes thick, which easily leads to various skin troubles.
When we are young, our skin is able to function according to the 28 days exfoliation cycle, casing dead cells to exfoliate at the proper stage. As we grow older, our skin exfoliation cycle tends to slow down and dead cells begin to accumulate on the skin surface. Therefore, skin tends not only to look coarse and pasty, but due to the thickened stratum corneum layer, skin begins to look dull and brittle, since moisture and nourishment are not able to easily penetrate this layer. The regular care of dead skin cells is the first and basic step in skin care, and will set you on the path to clean, clear skin.
If your skin color is dull and your makeup does not hold, then you need an immediate, concentrated care. Containing of Enzyme Peeling Complex, this gentle yet highly effective exfoliator goes beyond daily cleansing and scrubbing to remove dulling surface dead skin cells, clear and refine the appearance of pores and clarify the skin.
If you are experiencing extreme cases of dull and brittle skin and if whatever you are applying are not recovering your skin, then you need a daily fundamental care to resolve your skin condition. Clarifies and brightens your skin as it exfoliates dead cells with Salicylic acid and energizes the skin with Centella Asiatica and Nutrimarine. For more than a conditioner, it prepares your skin to promote the benefits of your other skin care
An intensive yet extra-gentle skin re-texturizing formula with and exclusive complex of multi-hydroxy acids and plant extracts, which exfoliate dead cells and speed up the skin's own shedding cycle. Instantly boosts your skin's smoothness, clarify and radiance and continuously reduces dullness, uneven texture and minor discolorations. Works precisely where and when needed. On dry skin, whisks away flakes. On oily skin, reduces surface oil. It also maximizes the benefits of your other skin care products.
Contains of AHA and BHA, this tonic removes dull surface flakes to reveal clear and smoother skin. In addition to skin turnover optimization and uncovering of skin's natural radiance, it also prepares perfectly prepped skin for moisturizing process.
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