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The reason why skin color varies among different races (or even among individuals within the same race) is due to melanin pigments, which determine skin and hair color. Melanin pigments are formed at the most base layer of the skin epidermis, the stratum basal, from color cells called melanocytes.
Your skin serves a number of vital functions including protecting the body from infection, regulating body temperature and shielding internal organs. Our skin produces melanin pigments, which protect the skin from UV rays. Normally when our skin has a healthy metabolism, melanin pigments move towards the stratum corneum and fall away from this layer four weeks after its formation, together with other dead skin cells. However, if for whatever reason our skin metabolism is disrupted, the melanin pigments are not able to drop away from the stratum corneum at its normal pace. This causes these pigments to become trapped at this layer, ultimately leading to dark spots, freckles and other skin flaws. Start protecting your skin today... with a healthy lifestyle and effective skin care.
IASO White Science was designed to make skin clean as snow, and clear as crystal. This product contains Arbutin, a whitening ingredient already known for effectively controlling the production of excessive melanin pigments. It also contains a plant complex, phyto white complex, that makes dull and coarse skin look clean and clear. Additionally, this product embraced a new technology. P.W.L.C., that maximizes the absorption of the 2 ingredients. If you are dreaming of having clean and clear skin... Start today!
A whitening lotion that softens skin and exfoliates surface cells reducing visible melanin production and ensures radiant translucent complexion.
A whitening moisturizer that provides exceptional whitening benefits as it moistens and leaves skin comfortable. It helps time-tarnished skin recapture a clear and luminous look.
A white ning serum that whitens and retextures, for a look of radiance and translucens, reviving and pampering your skin.
A whitening hydrator that whitens and retextures, for a look of radiance and translucence, reviving and pampering your skin. Helps firm and smooth.
Clarifies and brightens your skin as it exfoliates dead cells with Salicylic Acid and energizes the skin cell with Centella Asiatica and Nutrimarine. Far more than a conditioner, it prepares your skin to maximize the benefits of your other skin care products.
An intensive yet extra-gentle skin re-texturizing formula with and exclusive complex of multi-hydroxy acids and plant extracts, which exfoliate dead cells and speed up the skin? own shedding cycle. Instantly boosts your skin? Smoothness, clarify and radiance and continuously reduces dullness, uneven texture and minor discolorations. Works precisely where and when needed. On dry skin, whisks away flakes. On oily skin, reduces surface oil. It also maximizes the benefits of your other skin care products.
Contains of AHA and BHA, this tonic removes dull surface flakes to reveal clear and smoother skin. In addition to skin turnover optimization and uncovering of skin's natural radiance, it also prepares perfectly prepped skin for moisturizing process.
It has double protection that helps to protect skin from sun's rays by both reflecting and absorbing UV rays. With the application of a special emulsification method, the W/S type, this product is absorbed immediately into skin and there is no feeling of stickiness of discomfort whatsoever after applying the product, which therefore, can be used conveniently as an essential not only by women who are outdoors often but also by active men who enjoy jogging or golf.
High level daily sunscreen in a sheer, weightless formula. Contains of bamboo water and flower extracts, this amazingly light yet substantially moisturizing complex provides a cushiony layer of moisture that leaves your skin satin smooth and subtle. Also a blend of potent anti oxidants boosts your skin's defenses and helps protect it from skin damage by sun. Gentle enough for all skins, even the sensitive.
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