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I first entered upon cosmetic market after working in a domestic company. Furthermore, after working in an internationally renowned cosmetic company, Estee Lauder, I was able to gain knowledge on brand value and advanced marketing. On top of this knowledge, using the experience from running the very first cosmetic specialty store franchise in Korea, I wanted to produce a brand with excellent quality and advanced marketing, thus, I established the company in the year 2001.

Since the establishment, due to dramatic and various changes in the external market, I had to increase the distribution beyond specialty stores and began exporting internationally, and there were a huge growth and change in our business structure.
However, even after such developments, my goal and will, which is to create "cosmetics that will be sought by anybody who tries it for the first time," did not change. Smart consumers already know that good cosmetics do not always come from high price and famous brands.

Our skin ages due to both internal and external factors. Hence, if people use the cosmetics that are suitable for their skin, they can have young and beautiful skin though they may not have been born with. Because IASO believes in this concept, our goal of "Good cosmetics" means cosmetics that enhance the skin's natural ability and ultimately gives healthy skin to our customers. Perhaps due to our determination to reach this goal, we were recommended by many of our customers, and without much advertisement, our company grew both domestically and internationally in China, Vietnam, and US, into a well known brand through words of mouth alone.

In the future, I want IASO to expand into 20 different countries and be recognized with the best quality by the consumers and sought again by them. I want IASO to become a famous cosmetic brand in Korea. Even though we suffered some hardship in the ever changing domestic cosmetic market, our customer's trust and praise were able to support me and all the IASO employees. We were able to reflect upon our original goal and begin anew. From here on, IASO will keep moving forward, always keeping our initial goal and our solid belief on "Good cosmetics."

You may not have been born with perfect skin, but you can still have it...

Thank you.
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