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Aroma Clear Cleansing Oil
Skin Condition : For All Skin
Benefits : Cleansing
Volume : 200ml
Double-function of whitening and wrinkle improving essence lotion forms a moisture layer on top of skin

Next generation essence with multi skin caring functions
Nobel prize winning ingredient, FULLERENE, makes the skin full of energy and healthy offering whitening, wrinkle improvement, moisture, and nutrition.

Arbutin: Whitening
Adenosin: Wrinkle decline
Fullerene: Intense anti-oxidant substance winning Nobel prize
PGA- BG5: Increasing moisture content
Oriental Tea Complex: Protecting skin from UV ray
Arginine: Same effect with Botox
Portulaca oleraces extract: Moisturizing, Calming
Elastin: Enchaining skin elasticity
1. Use after washing face and using toner. Apply proper amount over the face.
2. No need of applying additional lotion. Best to use additional cream for dry skin.
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