Holistic Skincare - IASO
Holistic Skincare - IASO
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Skin Condition : For All Skin Types
Benefits : Exfoliating conditioner
Volume : 180ml 
Clarifies and brightens your skin as it exfoliates dead skin cells with Salicylic acid and energizes the skin with Centella Asiatica and Nutrimarine. Far more than a conditioner, it prepares your skin to maximize the benefits of your other skin care products. 
Clarifying and calming Ingredients
BHA (Salicylic Acid)
Centella Asiatica
Aloe Vera Leaf Juice
Ginseng Extract
Green Tea & Licorice Extract
Using cotton pad or cotton ball, sweep over face and neck twice daily after cleansing and washing. Follow with your toner and moisturizer. 



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