Holistic Skincare - IASO
Holistic Skincare - IASO
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Skin Condition : For All Skin Types
Benefits : Moisturizing, lifing
Volume : 25ml
This highly effective formula with Adenosine and advanced technology brings extra lifting and energized hydration to delicate eye area. It relieves uncomfortably dehydrated skin and empowers eyes to look more lifted and contoured by helping erase of look of lines. 
Skin care Ingredients
Mistletoe Extract
Allantoin, NAG
Oligo GGF, Glycerine
Aminocoat, Lipidure PMB
Na-Hyaluronate, Niacinamide (Vit.B3) 
Use morning and evening after your moisturizer. Using the ring finger, pat on sparingly from just under eyes going up to brow bone and crease; blend gently. 



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