Holistic Skincare - IASO
Holistic Skincare - IASO
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Skin Condition : Dry to Very Dry Skin
Benefits : Intensive hydrating
Volume : 100ml 
A triple-level (outer, inner and skin-deep) hydrating emulsion to pamper your skin with the feeling of endless hydration. With IASO's exclusive Moist Liposome and moisturizing complex, it quenches your skin's deepest thirst and promotes moisture retention. It also cushions your skin, leaving it feeling soft, supple, luxuriously hydrated. 
Skin Thirst Relieving Ingredients
Phyto Squalane
Apricot Oil
Vitamin B3, B5, E
Amino Acids
After using serum, pump a small amount onto your palms and apply to face AM and PM.  



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