Holistic Skincare - IASO
Holistic Skincare - IASO
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Peeling & Filling Mask (Power boosting)
Skin Condition : For All Skin Types-dehydrated
Benefits : Skin power up and protecting
Volume : 25g / 5g 
Why EXFOLIATING before mask? Because exfoliating not only clears away debris, but preps skin for moisturizer and active ingredients. DR.IASO Exfoliating Prep contains of the most famous exfoliating ingredients, AHA and BHA, it removes dull surface flakes to reveal clear and smoother skin. It also prepares perfectly prepped skin for following mask process. This pre-saturated DR.IASO Exfoliating Prep in double-sided peeling pad encourages the exfoliating effect by soft rubbing.

Why hydrating by patented HYDROGEL MASK? When the gel is applied onto the skin, it slowly dissolves as it is warmed by skin temperature and is absorbed into the skin. It also closely attaches to the skin affecting every pore to deliver helpful substances deep into the skin.
Skin care Ingredients
Berry Complex
-Rasberry Extract
-Blackberry Extract
-Strawberry Extract
-Blueberry Extract
Royal Jelly Extract 
1. After cleansing and washing, wipe off all over the face with the pre-saturated peeling pad. The bumpy side or smooth side can be used upon skin strength or desired exfoliating effect.
2. Remove mask from sheets and apply to face being the translucent film uncovered side attached to the skin.
3. Leave on face for 20 minutes, while relaxing.
4. Remove the mask gently. Excess moisture will be absorbed.
5. Finish with your moisturizer only when it desired. 



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